Curriculum (課程特色)

        A tailor-made curriculum with teaching and learning approaches of task-based learning, school-based reading workshops, phonics and a wide variety of activities such as drama games, rhymes and songs are developed among teachers and the NET. The curriculum caters for the needs and abilities of the pupils.


        Reading Curriculum (讀)

  • A school-based reading curriculum is developed.
  • Weekly reading workshop with NET is conducted for KS1 pupils.
  • Readers related to the target themes or language focus and famous children literatures are used in the reading curriculum.
  • A variety of reading skills are addressed in the curriculum. Pupils acquire different reading skills through exposure to different types of texts.
  • EERS (English Extensive Reading Scheme) and Reading Pack schemes are launched to both KS1 and KS2 pupils.
  • School-based Reading across Curriculum (RaC) programme is launched for both KS1 and KS2 pupils.
  • Guided reading programme is developed to enhance pupils' reading skills. 


Writing Curriculum (寫)

  • Writing skills are developed through daily writing practices.
  • Writing practices are included in class work as daily routine. Pupils get to practice what they have learned in class.
  • KS1 pupils are encouraged to write from simple sentences to paragraphs or stories.
  • KS2 pupils are encouraged to write in different text types such as stories, articles, letters, etc.
  • Self-evaluation and peer-evaluation are conducted as post-writing activity. Pupils present their writing in class.


Listening Curriculum (聽)

  • English is used as the medium of instruction during English lessons.
  • Listening activities are usually conducted with speaking activities. Pupils are encouraged to listen to others and response to others in English by conducting activities and games like reporting, information gap activities, miming, acting, etc.
  • English assemblies and English ECAs are conducted to provide pupils with more opportunities in listening to English in authentic settings.


  • Speaking Curriculum (說)
  • A school-based phonics and speaking curriculum is developed for both KS1 and KS2 pupils.
  • Weekly phonic lessons with NET is conducted every week for KS1 pupils.
  • KS1 pupils acquire different sounds and phonic rules through phonic lessons conducted by both NET (Native English teacher) and LET (Local English teacher).
  • KS2 pupils are exposed to a range of theme-based speaking activities designed by NET and LET.
  • Speaking activities are conducted in class on a regular basis. Each pupil has a task book (classwork) (consisting of speaking and writing activities) which is used as assessment while learning target language focuses and sentence structures.





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